Fine art drone photography
of Australian salt lakes

Fine art drone photography
of Australian salt lakes

For my Limited Edition prints, I look for abstract stories found naturally in the shapes and colours of salt lakes. Each piece is an unmanipulated drone photograph, composed meticulously from the air to resemble an abstract painting.

Eamon (Jungle) Wyss

Solo Exhibition & Artist Talk

Join us for the highly anticipated exhibition 'Stories in the Landscape' held at the renowned Brunswick Street Gallery in Fitzroy - Melbourne, Australia.

EXHIBITION: 2-14th April, 2024, 10-5pm Tue-Sat, 11-4pm Sun.

ARTIST TALK - Sat 13th, 2pm @Brunswick Street Gallery - Come and hear the stories woven into Wyss' artwork and delve into the innovative techniques he uses to craft them.

Available framed or unframed on Premium Canvas and Fine Art Paper.

FREE SHIPPING on all unframed prints worldwide, and all framed and unframed prints Australia wide.

Previous Exhibitions

My work has been exhibited at several galleries throughout Victoria.

Eamon’s work draws us back to take in the abstract whole while seducing us in to explore the natural details. In this way, his work provides a unique theatrical experience for the viewer.

Anthony Breslin, International award-winning Australian artist.

About the Artist

I am a fine art drone photographer of Victorian salt lakes.