Neighbours Cafe Gallery

Neighbours Cafe Gallery is an arts hub and cafe designed to bring people together around inspiring art and quality food in the local area of St Kilda, Melbourne, Victoria.   

Dreamscapes - Solo Exhibition

The 'Dreamscapes' Collection consisted of twelve specially curated prints on premium canvas and fine art paper, each with an oak frame, and ranging from 70 x 105 cm to 100 x 150 cm. The Exhibition ran from Sep 30 to Nov 5 at Neighbours Cafe Galley, 42 Chapel St, St Kilda in Melbourne.

Opening Day & Artist Talk

The exhibition Opening was held on Thursday 6 Oct, 6-8pm with around fifty people attending the show. In between drinks there was a short speech and I told a couple of the more detailed stories involving me and my work.

During my Artist Talk, held on Saturday 22 Oct, 4-5pm, we walked and talked about each piece. I told stories and people asked a lot of fun, engaging questions.

Art & Food

I love the concept behind a cafe/gallery. People get to enjoy great food while sitting near and chatting about the artwork. It's a great way for them to 'get to know' a favourite piece and in turn purchase a piece for their own homes.